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Community meetings

As part of our commitment to keeping the local community informed of developments at the airport, and to receive feedback from residents on the effect of the airport to the community, we hold regular meetings with groups of residents, resident associations, local councillors and local Members of Parliament.

Many of our meetings are open to the public and we endeavour to publish the notes from these meetings on these pages.

Local Focus Forum 

The meetings are hosted by Heathrow and held quarterly for residents association representatives and councillors from the villages and wards bordering Heathrow.

LFF Meeting Minutes - June 2014 (29KB DOC)

LFF Meeting Minutes - March 2014 (59KB PDF)

LFF Meeting Minutes - December 2013 (27KB PDF)

LFF Meeting Minutes - April 2013 (48KB PDF)

LFF Meeting Minutes - January 2013 (49KB PDF)

LFF Heathrow Community Report - June 2014 (43KB DOC) 

LFF Heathrow Community Report - March 2014 (46KB PDF)

LFF Heathrow Community Report – January 2013 (126KB PDF)

LFF Heathrow Community Report – April 2013 (191KB PDF)

Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee

The HACC is an independent committee which includes representatives of airport users, local authorities, airlines, NATS, DfT and other bodies concerned with the local area.  The HACC meets six times a year and is a public forum.

Heathrow Expansion

For more information about Heathrow's options for a third runway and public meetings on this issue see our dedicated pages.