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Community schemes and grants

We operate a number of schemes to provide relief from noise and blight to our neighbouring communities.

Residential Day Noise Insulation Scheme

This scheme provides acoustic insulation to residential buildings near to the airport within a defined boundary.

Find out more: day noise insulation

Night Noise Insulation Scheme

This domestic insulation scheme is designed to protect nearby residents who are regularly exposed to noise from night flights who are within a defined boundary.

Find out more: night noise insulation

Community Buildings Noise Insulation Scheme

Buildings such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes, nurseries, libraries and community halls within the eligible area may qualify for help with insulation.

Find out more: community buildings

Vortex Protection Scheme

This scheme enables repairs to eligible homes, schools, churches or hospitals which suffer roof damage due to vortex strikes.

Find out more: vortex protection

Home Relocation Assistance Scheme

Homeowners within a defined area may qualify for financial assistance with the costs of moving away from areas with high levels of aircraft noise.

Find out more: home relocation assistance

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