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Local jobs and community investment


Heathrow is committed to supporting sustainable economic growth in the communities surrounding the airport.  We understand that investing in education, employment & skills and business development will help us achieve our commitment so we're working with partners to deliver programmes in each of these areas.





Our ambition

Support the economic prosperity of the communities surrounding the airport.



50% of employees at Heathrow are from the local area by 2020

Performance: 53% of Heathrow employees are currently from the local community (Hillingdon, Slough, Spelthorne or Ealing) 


Facilitate local businesses to grow; at Heathrow and through trade annually 

Performance: The number of businesses participating in Heathrow Business Summit decreased from 270 in 2012 to 170 in 2013


Sustain the number of local children receiving Heathrow education programmes at 5,000 per year

Performance: The number of children receiving the primary & secondary school challenge increased by 1836 from 3,483 in 2012 to  5319 in 2013


Support local people into training and jobs through delivery of the Heathrow Academy each year

Performance: Job outcomes from the Heathrow Academy have been increasing steadily.  432 job outcomes in 2012 increasing to 525 in 2013 


Support local people into training and jobs through delivery of the  Heathrow Jobs & Careers Fair each year 

Performance: The number of businesses attending the Fair increased by 17 from 18 in 2012 to 35 in 2013.  In 2013, the Fair welcomed 5399 attendees


Donate £750,000 per year to local community projects through the Heathrow Communities Fund

Performance: £750,000 was donated in 2013 


Develop and implement a new employee volunteering programme

Performance: A new volunteering programme was launched in the spring of 2013, delivering 493 volunteering hours to local community causes between May – December


Collect passenger and employee donations for Heathrow's charity of the year annually

Performance: Heathrow has collected passenger and employee charitable donations of £194,436 in 2013



Key for performance as at January 2014

 - Behind progress

- On track

 - Complete


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