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Sustainability at Heathrow

Heathrow's vision is to be 'Europe's hub of choice'.  Achieving this vision relies on Heathrow being managed sustainably. This means we are committed to:

  • Enhancing the local, regional and national economic and social benefits of Heathrow
  • Seeking to prevent or reduce Heathrow's effects on the environment and local communities, working with others to ensure that the airport respects environmental limits
  • Providing good conditions of employment, respect diversity and equal opportunity and provide a safe and secure airport for staff and passengers.

Our sustainable management

As Heathrow's owners, we are responsible for implementing the airport’s sustainability policy. We directly control sustainability impacts associated with our own activities including; infrastructure design, procurement of products and services, and the management of our people, vehicles and equipment.

Over 320 other businesses also operate from Heathrow – employing around 76,500.  We guide the impact of these companies by establishing the policies and operating procedures for the airport, and leading  the Heathrow Sustainability Partnership to improve performance.

We engage with other stakeholders to influence the sustainable transport agenda more broadly. For example, we are a founder member of industry body Sustainable Aviation, which aims to ensure the UK aviation industry meets its environmental and social responsibilities.


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Preventing and reducing environmental impacts           


Economy & Society

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Enhancing and encouraging economic and social benefits

Economy and society


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Providing a safe, healthy and secure airport for our passengers and people

People and passengers

Sustainability awards

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