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Enhance national economy

Aircraft over London

Airports have a vital role in globalization, connecting cities and countries and are one of the economy’s most important assets.

Heathrow  is the UK’s only hub airport providing  links to the 30 top world cities ranked by GDP. Without it, the UK would have direct air services to just ten of them.  For further information about Heathrow economic impact and economy and aviation's social benefits see the report Towards a sustainable Heathrow - A Focus on the Economy.

Heathrow brings:

  • Direct benefits for businesses and those employed in the aviation sector
  • Benefits of trade between British and overseas
  • Wider benefits to the British economy from the money that visitors from overseas spend here (£4,4 billion)

Infrastructure and connectivity

  • We provide the only direct air services between the UK and China and serve 94% of passengers flying to and from the UK and India
  • We handle  nearly 30% (by value) of all exports between the UK and non-EU destinations, worth over £30 billion and more than any other port in the countries
  • 24 million annual  business passengers (40% of the total travellers)


For more information on our progress in this area see our Action Plan Summary (449KB PDF)


Heathrow connect UK to growth



Sustainability awards

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