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Ensure a healthy and safe environment at Heathrow

Aircraft and service vehicles

With over 65 million passengers travelling through Heathrow each year and more than 76,500 people working at the airport each day, ensuring that Heathrow is a safe and secure environment is not only a key priority but also a core value in everything we do.

Our Health and Safety Policy sets out the principles and make explicit our commitment to safeguard the health and safety of people who work at or travel through Heathrow.


How we manage health and safety issues is based on a model on what we  control, guide and influence. For further information see  the report Towards a sustainable Heathrow - a focus on health and safety.


Heathrow's approach to managing health and safety

Our health and safety policy commits us to safeguarding the health and safety of our employees, contractors, service partners, passengers and members of the public. We aim to eliminate preventable illnesses, injuries and business losses due to unplanned events throughout the airport.

To deliver on this commitment we seek to:

  • Create a culture that is intolerant of accidents and incidents
  • Establish safety as a core business value and promote the concept that “good safety is good business”
  • Make safety important and personal, so that it  influences people’s choices and behaviours.

In implementation of this policy we focus on the three key areas: people, processes and places.

Safe people

We play an important role in creating the airport’s safety culture. We demonstrate passionate leadership around safety through the effective delivery of our health and safety policy.

We adopt a collaborative approach to safety, engaging managers, supervisors, and the wider workforce who all have a role to play in keeping Heathrow safe.

Safe processes

We make sure that the processes and procedures we have in place for managing safety are simple, user friendly and help people to do their job safely.

We engage with the many businesses and organisations operating at Heathrow to continually improve how we work together and to further develop the positive safety culture across the airports’ safety community.

Safe places

We safeguard Heathrow's buildings, runways, services, equipment, facilities and for the people who use them.

We undertake a continuous programme of asset inspection, maintenance, refurbishment and replacement to ensure that we continue to operate the airport responsibly, safely and securely.

For more information on our progress in this area see our Action Plan Summary (449KB PDF)



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