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Airports Commission

Heathrow central terminal area at dusk

Airport capacity

Heathrow has submitted its revised plans for a third runway to the Airports Commission, following consultation with stakeholders across the UK.  For more information, explore our new site dedicated to the proposal www.heathrow.com/takingbritainfurther.

The UK is short of hub-airport capacity. It’s costing the country trade and jobs. Heathrow – the UK’s only hub airport – is effectively full and operating at 98% capacity. The Government has set up the Airports Commission to look at the problem of airport capacity and recommend a way forward.

Why increasing UK hub airport capacity is important

Most economic growth over the next 40 years will come from Asia, North America and South America while traditional markets in Europe face a lower growth future. This is why the UK needs better long-haul connections. The UK is in a global race to improve links with emerging economies and deliver the trade, jobs and economic growth that will otherwise go to our international competitors. Only Heathrow will connect the whole of the UK to growth.

Contact Community Relations

If you would like to know more about Heathrow’s new runway proposals, or would like to speak with a member of our Community Relations team, please call us on 0800 307 7996 or email communityrelations@heathrow.com.

You can also contact us by post:

Heathrow Community Relations
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