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Specified activities, rents and regulatory accounts

Specified activities

Following a recommendation in the 1991 MMC report, the CAA requires Heathrow Airport Limited to publish costs and revenues for certain activities, known as specified activities, including Check-in desk, baggage systems, other desk licenses, staff car parking, staff ID cards, fixed electrical ground power, hydrant fuelling, airside parking, airside licenses, cable routing, maintenance, heating and utility services, and facilities for bus and coach operators.

Further detail on specified activities and the relevant reports can be found at: www.heathrowairport.com/nrc


In December 1996, the CAA imposed requirements on each of the three then BAA London airports to provide information on property rents at each airport (hereafter referred to as rents reports):

  • to provide annually a statement of how actual rentals for “guide price” properties have moved in comparison with any formula covering such properties implemented by Heathrow Airport Limited; and
  • to provide annually a statement of actual income from rentals and, where this varies from the rental assumed in setting airport charges, the reasons for such variations.

Rents reports can be found at: www.heathrowairport.com/property

Regulatory accounts

Heathrow Airport Limited is required to prepare regulatory accounts by the CAA. The primary purpose of the regulatory accounts is to serve the purpose of regulation by providing a means of comparing the airport’s financial performance over the price control decision period with that on which the setting of price caps was predicted. It also provides a starting valuation for the next quinquennium.

Further details can be found on our regulatory accounts page.

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