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Picture gallery: What Terminal 2 will be like (image 3)

Terminal 2 Slipstream sculpture

The main terminal building

When Heathrow's new Terminal 2 opens to the public in June 2014, a major public sculpture commissioned by Heathrow will be unveilled.  Created by internationally renowned British artist Richard Wilson, Slipstream is an ambitious artwork inspired by the world of aviation and combines precision engineering and specialised UK craftsmanship.  The result is a flowing, twisting aluminium form; an imagined flight path of a Zivko Edge 540 stunt plane.  Slipstream will be one of the longest permanent sculptures in Europe, over 70 meters long and weighing 77 tonnes.  The sculpture will carve through the open space of Terminal 2's Covered Court as a stunt plane might, leaving behind a solid trail in its spiralling trajectory.  It was the artist's intention "to transpose the thrill of the air-show to the architectural environment of the international air terminal".