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Sustainable design at Heathrow Terminal 2

At Heathrow we work to run our airport responsibly. This means improving our performance in areas such as transport, resources and people.

Our vision to become Europe’s hub of choice relies on us running the airport sustainably, enhancing the airport’s social and economic benefits and reducing its environmental impacts. 

We do this by setting and achieving targets to improve our performance on issues such as reducing CO2 and local air pollution, managing the impact of noise, and increasing the number of local people who work at the airport.

Terminal 2 will be Heathrow’s most sustainable terminal yet. It will help Heathrow become a more sustainable airport overall.

Key design features

  • The skylights and 10-metre-high, floor-to-ceiling windows maximise the natural light. Sophisticated lighting control systems keep energy use down by switching off lights when parts of the building are not in use or when daylight is bright enough. The roof’s north-facing skylights provide glare-free daylight all the way from check-in to aircraft boarding.
  • Terminal 2 will not overheat in the sunshine. The glazed facade incorporates solar controlled glass and angled louvres, while an overhanging roof shades the south-facing windows.
  • The terminal’s closeness to runways and taxiways means aircraft have a shorter distance to travel between the gates and take-off and landing, thereby reducing emissions.
  • Water-efficient fittings in the terminal reduce water consumption. To cut the use of potable water even further, there are boreholes which should supply most of the water for the cooling plant and toilets.

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