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Jobs in Development at Heathrow

At Heathrow, we know that passengers have a choice, and we want them to choose our airport.

We strive to do everything we can to make the Heathrow passenger experience a positive one, and focus on making every journey better and a more enjoyable experience.

Our focus on making every journey better

In Development we do this by using our specialist knowledge and expertise to deliver real passenger benefit – whether it’s in the building of better terminals, provision of improved baggage systems or creating new processes to shorten queues.

Our investment in our infrastructure programmes contributes enormously to the transformation of Heathrow and brings us closer to achieving our vision.

In Development, we lead the airport’s infrastructure programmes. We currently manage a large number of projects within our programmes.

Our programmes and projects can vary in size and complexity, ranging from refurbishment projects costing thousands, to new terminal complexes costing billions.

Defining the needs for our infrastructure development

We don’t construct buildings – this is the responsibility of our contractors. We are the airport experts in defining the needs for our infrastructure development.

We do this through consultation with all our stakeholders and then competitively select the right sources, and work with our contractors and our stakeholders to commission and bring infrastructure into operational readiness. And then we assess our effectiveness through the realisation of project benefits.

The people in Development need to be exceptional

To be airport experts, we need to draw on a wide range of skills and talents. The people we need in Development need to be exceptional – project leaders have to be more than project specialists.

They must be able to manage the process from start to finish, be business aware, lead cross-functional teams and manage stakeholders well. They also need to be good leaders of teams.

We know that our work directly contributes to our vision to become the UK’s direct connection to the world and Europe’s hub of choice by making every journey better.

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