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Events and Programs


Seminars, Webcasts and Workshops

Commercial Telecom’s events are scheduled on a regular basis, please check back for the latest schedule.

All upcoming events and live webcasts can be found below:


SCHEDULE COMING SOON - Please check back.


SCHEDULE COMING SOON - Please check back.


SCHEDULE COMING SOON - Please check back.


Commercial Telecom's Innovation Group (CTIG)

The CTIG has been set up as a platform for the Heathrow airport tenants who wish to play an active role in forming the future of the Commercial Telecoms product portfolio. The group activities include meetings, workshops, demo sessions, pilot launches, product trials and where possible visits from the suppliers. No fees, contributions, or any involvement is mandatory and will not be exacted from the CTIG members.

Some of the topics already up for consideration include:

  • 4G networks
  • Digital mobile radio
  • Unified communications
  • Passenger tracking & personalized communication
  • SSL over the WLAN

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