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Heathrow other regulated charges

Other Regulated Charges (ORCs) is the generic term for various services provided by Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) to users of the airport. Some of these activities are "Specified Activities", as determined by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), such as airside licences, baggage, utilities etc, whilst some are "other non specified activities" such as fast track, taxi feeder park and there are other activities which are the subject of commercial agreements between HAL and the relevant party.

Charges for the Specified Activities are published via the General Notice, with the exception of bus and coach services and heating and ventilation.

Other Regulated Charges Protocol

HAL and the Heathrow Airline Operators' Committee (AOC) have agreed a protocol articulating principles for ORCs that HAL and the AOC shall adhere to during the period of validity of the protocol. The period 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2011 shall be used as a proof of concept to assess the success of the protocol. Further information on the protocol or ORCs can be requested from the following email address: halorc@heathrow.com

General notice

Airport Users Committee (AUC)

In accordance with EC Directive 96/67/EC and the UK Airports (Groundhandling) Regulations 1997, the Airport Users Committee is the nominated forum at Heathrow for consultation on Airside/ Ground Handling Licencing issues. Luca Bevilacqua is the Chair and Nick Platts, Heathrow Airport, is the Secretary. For further information about the AUC please contact us at auc@heathrow.com

AUC meeting minutes

Project boards etc

Governance Groups may also appoint groups to review specific elements of a Specified Activity, such as Invitations to Tender.

User Groups exist for products such as Fast Track.

Current consultations