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Sale of Aberdeen, Glasgow and Aberdeen airports

Important information

Due to the new ownership of Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton Airports, access control systems and processes are becoming independent from Heathrow Airport. If you require future access to those airports, please note the following changes and actions required:

  • As your company is currently registered on the Heathrow Airport ID pass scheme, from 19 January 2015, the facility to export passes to Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton will no longer be available from Heathrow.
  • Existing passes will continue to operate at Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton providing they are swiped every 60 days at those locations, however new or replacement ID passes will require a new separate application as per the usual process. For example, if your home airport is Heathrow Airport and you also require access to Southampton, Aberdeen or Glasgow Airport, you will need to submit one application to Heathrow and another application to the relevant airport.
  • Note that you may only apply for a pass at Glasgow, Aberdeen or Southampton if your company has registered on the relevant airport’s ID Pass scheme. You must have a valid contract in place with that airport, and proof of a contract will need to be submitted as part of the registration process.
  • If your company does not need to have new or replacement ID passes at Glasgow, Aberdeen or Southampton you do not need to take any action.
  • For further information on the sale of company registration and pass applications please visit the relevant airport website:

Glasgow Airport
Southampton Airport
Aberdeen Airport