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Prospective suppliers

How to do business with us

Our dedicated procurement teams will use their expert knowledge of the market to identify the best suppliers from which to purchase goods and services and then manage the tendering and negotiation process to appoint and manage those suppliers. Heathrow Airport Ltd is using a new eSourcing tool for tendering which can be accessed here.

What we look for in a supplier

Naturally our tendering processes and award criteria will be different depending on the type of goods and/or services being procured. However, we will typically award on the basis of most economically advantageous tender with competition being our primary vehicle to demonstrate the delivery of value. Areas that may be looked at when assessing suppliers include:

  • Safety record
  • Integrity - ethics and sustainability
  • Value for money
  • Quality of product and/or service
  • Standard of performance and technical capability
  • Delivery performance
  • Reliability - get things right and deliver against commitments
  • Transparency
  • Simplicity
  • Risk management capability
  • Ability to support attainment of short term goals as well as long term objectives
  • Innovation that delivers benefits
  • Stability

Discover opportunities for suppliers