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Commercial property

The property team at Heathrow manages a portfolio of on-airport properties, all of which are essential to the effective operation of the airport. We provide approximately 1.4m sq metres of commercial accommodation for more than 280 tenants organisations at our airport. We are one of the largest commercial landlords in the UK.

Revenue from property and associated operational facilities currently generates over £90m per annum. The property portfolio is diverse, including offices, airside support facilities, airline lounges, business centres, warehouses, airline check-in desks, ground handling accommodation, fuel facilities, crew reporting centres and aircraft hangars.

Effective management of the property portfolio is vital to the operation of our airports, with our customers heavily reliant on the availability of accommodation and our quality of management. This has led us to adopt a unique style of property management – highly customer-focused and committed to providing choice, quality, hospitality and value for money.

Why the airport?

There are numerous benefits to locating your business at Heathrow, many unique to the airport location:

  • Lease flexibility.
  • Published rental guidelines.
  • On-site customer-focused property and services management.
  • Dedicated on-site support, emergency and security services.
  • Audited standards of performance for property products and services.
  • On-site development teams providing flexible and bespoke building solutions.
  • A corporate address instantly recognisable world-wide.
  • Access to customers and business partners 24 hours a day.
  • Access to key airport operations 24 hours a day.
  • Access to banking, fast food, high street shops 24 hours a day.
  • Access to utilities and services designed to keep a major airport running 24 hours a day.
  • Comprehensive transport links.

It is the role of Heathrow Property to see that these benefits are delivered to property customers consistently, effectively and to the highest levels of quality.

Current consultations

Decision Document - Heathrow Guide Prices 2014/15 (126KB DOC)

Property rents consultation 2014/15 meeting minutes (112KB PDF)

Property rents consultation 2014/2015 (1516KB DOC)

Archived consultation documents

Premium Check-in Area Consultation Addendum 2 (100KB DOC)

Premium Check-in Areas Consultation Document Addendum (67KB PDF)

Premium Check-in Area Consultation Meeting Minutes (151KB PDF)

Premium Check-in Area Consultation Meeting Minutes and Appendix (71KB PDF)

Heathrow Property Rent Guide Prices 2013/2014 (19KB PDF)

Decision Document - Heathrow Property Guide Price Rents - 2013/2014 (121KB PDF)

Heathrow Guide Price Rents Consultation Meeting Minutes - 2013/14 (105KB PDF)

Premium Check-in areas consultation document (132KB PDF)

Property Guide Price Rents Consultation Document – 2013/14 (2048KB PDF)

Decision Document – Terminal 2 Property Rents (121KB PDF)

Decision Document – property rents 2012/13 (215KB PDF)

Property rents consultation 2012/13 (1024KB PDF)

Property rents consultation (600KB PDF)

Property rents consultation - addendum (122KB PDF)

Property rents consultation - Terminal 2 addendum (161KB PDF)

Decision Document - Heathrow Guide Prices 2011/12 (185KB PDF)

HAL Property Income Background:

In December 1996, the CAA imposed conditions upon Heathrow Airport under section 73 of the Airports Act in relation to the reporting of rental income. The CAA’s subsequent direction obliges the airport to provide to the CAA and airport users the following:

  • a statement of actual income from rentals, and how this varies from the rental assumed in setting airport charges.
  • a statement of how actual rentals for the ‘guide price’ properties have moved in comparison with the formula implemented by Heathrow Airport Ltd

The reports are as follows:

HAL property rents income

2008 / 2009 HAL Property Income (1MB PDF)

2009 / 2010 HAL Property Income (1MB PDF)

2010 / 2011 HAL Property Income (76KB PDF)

2011 / 2012 HAL Property Income (302KB PDF)

2012 / 2013 HAL Property Income (455KB PDF)

Heathrow Property Rents Guide Prices

2008 / 2009 Heathrow Property Rent Guide Price (382KB PDF)

2009 / 2010 Heathrow Property Rent Guide Prices (18KB PDF)

2010 / 2011 Heathrow Property Rent Guide Prices (77KB PDF)

2011 / 2012 Heathrow Property Rent Guide Prices (33 KB PDF)

2012/2013 Heathrow Property Rent Guide Prices (35KB PDF)

2013/2014 Heathrow Property Rent Guide Prices (19KB PDF)

2014/15 Heathrow Property Guide Rent Prices (200KB DOC)