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Airside Assurance

Airside Assurance is a team of day-working staff based in the Airside Suite, 2nd Floor, Building 820, with core responsibilities to ensure that the requirements of the aerodrome licence, as articulated through the Air Navigation Order, are fulfilled.

The team's focus is on compliance, policies, strategic development and capacity issues, from an airside operational perspective, rather than the day-to-day delivery of the operation.

Its duties include:

  1. The development and maintenance of core documentation including the Aerodrome Manual, the associated Operational Safety Instructions (OSIs), AIP entries and aerodrome charts. These documents effectively describe the operational policies and procedures for the airfield and are managed by the Aerodrome Licensing Team.
  2. Ensuring that new airfield developments are compliant with CAA requirements, are operationally effective and are delivered without compromising the existing operation. The Development Assurance Team fulfils this function.

The Assurance Team also provides the following functions:

  1. Development of operational seasonal stand plans by the Stand Capacity Team for the forthcoming seasons (taking into account airline moves and development programmes) for delivery to the Stand Allocation Unit, which carries out tactical allocation on the day.
  2. Monitoring against environmental requirements for aircraft airborne noise and track keeping (including management of the associated public noise complaints process), ground noise, and air and water quality. These functions are carried out by the Flight Evaluation Unit and Airside Environment teams.