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Know your airfield signs and markings

Airfield signs

There are two types of airfield signage:

Operational guidance signs

Location signs

Yellow on black background. Identifies the runway, holding point or taxiway currently on/at or entering.

Direction/runway exit signs

Black on yellow background. Identifies the intersecting taxiways the aircraft is approaching, with an arrow indicating the direction to turn.

Mandatory instruction signs

Runway signs

White on a red background. These signs identify a runway intersection ahead. A red runway Marker Board is positioned at the entrance to the runways. It is illuminated at night and provides a warning to aircraft and vehicles that they are approaching a runway.

Painted markings

These are regulated by ICAO and are painted white on runways and yellow on taxiways. Examples of taxiway markings are taxiway centrelines and CAT 1,2 and 3 holding points situated across the entrance to runways.

Runway holding positions

Runway holding position marking patterns (PDF)