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Airport - Collaborative Decision Making

The future is certain, the future is shared, the future is accurate, the future is now

A-CDM Winter Operations

As we head into the Winter period A-CDM operations will be changing to accommodate De-icing. Training is underway across the airport to prepare for this.


Winter Documentation

De-icing Module Training Pack (390KB PDF)

Pilot Briefing Pack - De-icing operations (155KB PDF)

Winter Newsletter 1 (432KB PDF)

Winter Newsletter 2 (571KB PDF)

Winter Newsletter 3 (539KB PDF)

Winter Newsletter 4 (597KB PDF)

Winter Newsletter 5 (402KB PDF)

A-CDM Trials info.

Trials Pre-start check-list (98KB PDF)

We all have plans to work more efficiently, increase punctuality and improve our environmental performance. We will achieve a better overall result together. The collaborative approach that A-CDM represents achieves more and is less costly based on common processes, data and targets. Let's work smarter, not harder!

A-CDM Newsletters

A-CDM Newsletter June Issue 1 (311KB PDF) 

A-CDM Newsletter June Issue 2 (501KB PDF)

A-CDM Newsletter June Issue 3 (316KB PDF)

A-CDM Newsletter July Issue 4 (359KB PDF)

A-CDM Newsletter July Issue 5 (98KB PDF)

Contact the A-CDM team

If your request is regarding access to the A-CDM portal, please submit a completed access request form.

Download the access request form (66KB PDF)

If you require any technical support, please email itservicedesk@heathrow.com

If your enquiry is of a more operational nature, email lhracdm@heathrow.com and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

Key focus area

Accurate departure time estimates are critical so we can use our assets more efficiently and get ready for the A-CDM Trials. At twenty minutes before departure we use your Target Off-Blocks Time (TOBT) to create a 'virtual place' for the aircraft on our busy runway and in-turn, during trials, give you sight of an expected Target Start Approval Time (TSAT).

Ground operations

Target Off-Blocks Time (TOBT) must be updated to an accuracy of +/- 5 minutes. If your TOBT is changing please take a minute to think through the reason the time is changing and decide on a new time that is realistic. Late, small and repeated incremental changes are to be avoided as this creeping delay creates a phantom requirement for a runway place. Remember your pilot can still call up within +/- 5 minutes of TOBT so there is a ten minute window available.

Flight operations

Estimated Off-Blocks Time (EOBT) must be aligned to within +/-10 minutes of the TOBT


Pilots should call Delivery at TOBT +/-5 minutes

A-CDM trials - summary report

These reports will be available on the day at 0930 local.

Day 1 Trial Performance Report

Day 2 Trial Performance Report

Day 3 Trial Performance Report

Week 1 Trial Performance Report

Week 1 Executive Summary Report

Day 4 Trial Performance Report

Day 5 Trial Performance Report

Day 6 Trial Performance Report

Week 2 Trial Performance Report

Day 7 Trial Performance Report

Day 8 Trial Performance Report

Week 3 Trial Performance Report

Week 3 Executive Summary Report

Day 9 Trial Performance Report

Day 10 Trial Performance Report

Week 4 Trial Performance Report


Request access to A-CDM

Airplane taking off

Download the access request form (66KB PDF)