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Commuting by bicycle

Cycling to Work

More people than ever are choosing to cycle to work in London. It’s a great time to join them. Are you thinking of doing more exercise? Then why not do it on your way to work? Commuting to work on a bike could help you keep fit, improve your health, save you money and help reduce CO2 emissions.

Heathrow Cycle Hub

The Heathrow Cycle Hub is a dedicated one-stop shop for airport workers cycling or thinking about cycling to work. 

Located at The Academy on Newall Road, the Heathrow Cycle Hub stocks a range of cycles, equipment and accessories and offers all airport workers discounts on all bicycles and equipment. You can also get your cycle serviced or repaired at the centre with free labour, plus 10% off all parts required for the service. The centre can also provide information and training to help you get the most out of your bike.

To take advantage of these sales and servicing offers join the Heathrow Cycle Hub, which is FREE. You will receive your membership pack to get you started provide more information about Heathrow Cycle Hub offers. Click on the link below to join the Heathrow Cycle Hub now. A new Cycle Hub parking facility is now open to airport workers cycling to work. See below for further details.

Join the Heathrow Cycle Hub

Heathrow Cycle Hub

Monday to Friday*   08.00-18.00
Saturday                  10:00-17:00 (April - September)
Sunday                     Closed
*Thursday open till 20:00

Heathrow Academy, Newall Road
Hounslow, Middlesex, TW6 2AP

020 8990 9720

Heathrow Cycle Hub Terms of Membership (PDF)


New cycle parking facility now available at Heathrow Cycle Hub

A new Cycle Hub parking facility is now open to airport workers cycling to work.With this new secure facility in place, access to the Central Terminal Area is no longer permitted by cycle. Cyclists can park at the new Cycle Hub facility and then catch a free TfL bus to complete their journey to the Central Terminal Area (CTA). 

Several free bus services run from outside the new facility on Bath Road into the CTA as part of the Free Travel Zone. Cycles left in the CTA will be locked and the traffic desk will need to be contacted for release. Only Cycle Hub members with a registered fob will be able to use the new storage facility.

Visit the Heathrow Cycle Hub to register or phone 020 8990 9720 for more information.

Free Travel Zone.


Local Cycle Routes Map

With the help of local cyclists we have developed a cycle routes map showing how staff cycle to Heathrow.  

Local Cycle Routes Map (PDF)

Free cycle parking is available all around Heathrow. There are over 500 bicycle racks outside our buildings, meaning you can park your bicycle right next to work. A new secure parking facility is available outside the Heathrow Cycle Hub. Please note that for security reasons, bicycles will be removed if not parked in the designated areas. No cycling is permitted through the tunnels to the Central Terminal Area.

Cycle Parking (PDF)

Please note that it is an offence to cycle through the main tunnels and that the police are now monitoring, for which a £50 non endorsable PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) shall be issued for Contravening Traffic Signs if identified doing so. This is for the safety of all road users. Details of alternative parking and travel arrangements for cyclists travelling to the Central Terminal Area are listed above.

Main Tunnel Refurbishment - Tunnel Closed to Cyclists

The main tunnel is undergoing a major refurbishment to install new and upgrade 25 different systems including lighting, ventilation, emergency exits and road resurfacing.

To support the tunnel refurbishment project, cyclists are no longer permitted to access the Central Terminal Area (CTA) using the main tunnel, and should instead use the new secure facility at the Cycle Hub and then catch a free bus to complete their journey. The project aims to make the side tunnels available again to the business as soon as possible, once the tunnels have been upgraded with the introduction of the new and improved systems.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please email Feedback_landside_operations@heathrow.com for further information.

Cycle route closures FAQ (PDF)

New cycle parking facility available (PDF)

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