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Track flights by SMS: Flying Messenger PLUS

Flying Messenger PLUS lets you track a flight's progress via SMS. You can set it up in advance and you'll receive up to three alerts.

What you get

Arriving flights

  • Flight status at the time of request (or 12 hours ahead of arrival for earlier requests)
  • Notification when the flight is on final approach
  • Notification when baggage is in the arrivals hall.

Departing flights

  • Flight status at the time of request (or 12 hours ahead of departure)
  • Status update four hours before scheduled departure
  • GATE OPEN notification when flight is ready for boarding.

When to use it

You can request Flying Messenger PLUS up to two weeks ahead of the scheduled flight time. The number of alerts you receive will depend on how close to arrival/departure you send your request.

How to use it

To set up a request, send a text message to 82222 giving the following details:

  1. lhr (for Heathrow)
  2. Flight number
  3. arr (arrives) or dep (departs)
  4. Date of arrival / departure at Heathrow (ddmmyy).

So for flight BA006 arriving on 20 September 2010, your text would read: lhr ba006 arr 200910.

We’ll send a confirmation message when everything’s set up.

What it costs

Flying Messenger PLUS costs 75p per request, plus any charge your network makes for a single text message. We don't charge for 'flight not found' or 'service unavailable' messages.

If you have a contract with a mobile operator, the charge will appear on your regular bill. If you use a pre-pay phone, your network operator will deduct the charge from your balance.

Further information

Flying Messenger is a fully automated service. If you have further questions, please check our Flying Messenger FAQs page and the Flying Messenger terms and conditions.

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