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Family facilities at Heathrow Airport

Play area in Heathrow Terminal 5

Find facilities for families and children at Heathrow, from play areas to baby changing.

Heathrow Family Lounge logo

Family lounge – Terminal 3

The Family Lounge is a dedicated area for families with play areas for ages 0-2 and 3-9, a children's quiet room, a Game Zone for children aged 10 - 15, coffee and soft drink vending, and comfortable seating for adults. There is a discreet area for nursing mothers.

The lounge is in departures, after security (near the Ted Baker store), and open from 06:00 to 21:00 – just follow signs for Lounge A.

Entry is free (though there may be a time limit during busy periods). Please ensure children are accompanied by an adult at all times.

View play area rules (PDF format)

Terminal 3 map (PDF format)

Play areas – Terminals 2, 4 and 5

Play area sign

There's plenty of pre-flight fun and entertainment for your children in our free Stay & Play areas. With slides, soft play areas and separate baby and junior zones, there's plenty to keep your young ones entertained and exercised.

Stay & Play is suitable for children aged 0 – 9, who must be accompanied by an adult. Opening times are 06:00 to 21:00 every day.

View play area rules (PDF format)


Terminal 2

Stay & Play is in the main Terminal 2A departure lounge (after security), near Gate 16.

Terminal 4

The play area in Terminal 4 will be temporarily closed from the 25 April to early June to allow for refurbishment work.

The Stay & Play area is in the departure lounge (after security), on the way to Gates 1-6.

Terminal 5

Stay & Play is in the main Terminal 5A departure lounge (after security), near Gate A7.

View terminal maps

Baby changing

Baby care icon

There are baby change areas in each terminal at Heathrow, both before and after security control – just look for signs with this symbol. Many are located alongside the toilet blocks.

Find baby change areas on a terminal map

Boots, the pharmacy chain, supplies baby essentials including nappies, formula milk and baby wipes.

Find Boots branches

Beat the rush

Spending time together on holiday is one of the joys of family life. But where's the fun when your are gearing up for flying with children? Then there's fretting over getting to the airport in time.

Here's how to make sure you get off to a stress-free start to your trip.

Convenience and comfort

Wouldn't it be great if heading off on holiday was a simple as jumping in your car to pop to the shops? You could relax in your own familiar world: driving at your own speed, along your own route and to the sound of your own radio station. Drive yourselves to the airport and you can leave when you like.

Family-friendly car parking

Heathrow has plenty of family parking spaces, conveniently close to exits and bus stops in all Long Stay and Short Stay car parks. With extra room either side of the car, they help with unloading your bags (and keeping your kids that bit safer). Shuttles run every 10 minutes, with an average transfer time of just 10 minutes to the terminal*. It's easy to pre-book too.

*Average journey time to your terminal - Terminal 1: 7.7 minutes; Terminal 2: 10.7 minutes; Terminal 3: 18.0 minutes; Terminal 4: 5.04 minutes; Terminal 5: 7.56 minutes

The best bit? Your car is waiting for you when you get back - so no fuss on the way home either.

Affordable and safe

With Long Stay parking from £5.99 a day, it's more affordable than you might think - and could work out far cheaper than taking a minicab each way...

Holiday parking at Heathrow all adds up to making travelling with children that bit less stressful. It could be the perfect answer if you want your trip to start and finish on familiar ground.

Book Heathrow Long Stay parking

View Heathrow car parking options

Restaurants icon

Food for families

Child-friendly restaurants are easy to find at Heathrow. Most provide high chairs and children's menus.

You'll find some of Britain's favourite family-friendly restaurant brands at each Heathrow terminal – check our restaurants A-Z to see what's available for your journey.

Find family-friendly restaurants

Travel tips for parents

Make your journey fly by with some of our ideas.

Be prepared
You're more likely to forget something if you're trying to pack your hand baggage, check in and keep an eye on your family at the same time. So carry all your travel documents such as passports and boarding passes in one easily reached place, make sure your hand baggage meets security requirements before you leave home, work out whether you need to carry buggies or pack them in your hold baggage. If you are two adults travelling with children, consider distributing tasks so one adult can take care of the children and the other of the children related equipment such as buggies and bags. Planning makes all the difference!
Time it right
If you're travelling with babies or young children, consider booking your flight to coincide with their sleeping routine.
Plan to take a rest
If you're travelling with a partner, consider booking seats apart so you can take turns sitting with the children.
Go door-to-door
Consider using a valet parking service. It doesn’t cost that much more, but saves you having to shepherd youngsters and baggage from car park to terminal.
Allow extra time
It will take longer to get around the airport if you're carrying or walking with youngsters.
The trick with toys
Bring them, but don't hand them all out at once – keep surprising children throughout the journey
Extra supplies
Boots the Chemist is available after security in all terminals, where products such as baby milk and medication can be purchased. Contact Boots in your terminal for further advice

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