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Information and help in the terminals

Information – Passenger Ambassadors

Heathrow Passenger Ambassadors' distinctive purple uniform

Need information or assistance in the terminal? Our roaming Passenger Ambassadors are here to help, wherever you are.

Whether you're looking for flight information, directions or any kind of help with your journey, our team will get you quickly on your way.

Our Ambassadors are airport experts, and they're equipped with the latest mobile technology to help them answer your questions fast.

And if you need help in a different language they can arrange that too.

You'll find Passenger Ambassadors around the airport, in arrivals and departures – look out for their purple uniforms.

If you're travelling through Terminal 5 you'll also find help screens, maps and leaflets in the Information Zone at Ground Level, near UK Arrivals.

Passenger Ambassador’s reveal top 10 strangest passenger requests

  1. Can I bungee jump from your control tower?
  2. I am heading to Tower Hill; can I try the Crown Jewels on there?
  3. What’s the difference between a toilet and a loo?
  4. Are there ATM’s in central London? Can you mark them on my map?
  5. Where can I exchange currency for some Scottish dollars?
  6. Will most people speak English during my holiday in London?
  7. Where can I see James Bond’s house?
  8. Will I be able to see Beefeaters in the street?
  9. Can I drink the water here?
  10. Do I need to change the time on my watch or will it change automatically when I fly?

Help with baggage – Help Points

If you need to call a porter, simply pick up the internal telephone at one of our passenger Help Points or press the i button. You'll find them signposted at key locations including terminal forecourts, car parks and baggage reclaim halls.

Airport parking

Airport parking

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