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Thinking of moving to the area?

This page is designed to help people who are considering moving near Heathrow Airport. We would like to help you by providing as much information as possible.

We know that many people come to live in the area because being close to Heathrow's range of international destinations is an important lifestyle choice.

However, we recognise what an important decision moving is for you, and along with professional property advisers, banks, solicitors and building societies, we want to do all we can to help you get it right.

This section contains a wide range of information on flight paths, noise and airport development and is designed to assist you in deciding whether or not you feel you will be affected by aircraft in your proposed new area.

Please note, however, that the issue of aircraft noise and overflight is a very subjective matter and we cannot therefore advise as to whether you as an individual will be affected.

We can, however, advise as to where aircraft are likely to be and provide information regarding operations.

Future development at Heathrow

Aircraft tracking maps

You may find it helpful to look at maps showing typical tracks and heights of where Heathrow aircraft actually fly in the local area.


Aircraft noise factsheets

For information regarding specific types of operations which may affect the area you are thinking of moving to, see our aircraft noise factsheets.

If you would more information please contact our Flight Evaluation Unit.

Noise action plan

Jet engine

Managing the impacts of aircraft noise.

View Noise Action Plan

Report noise


Let us know about a noise incident in your area.

Log a noise enquiry