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Community Buildings Noise Insulation Scheme

This scheme applies to noise-sensitive buildings in the community that fall within the 2002 63dB Leq Noise Contour over the current runways. It offers acoustic insulation.

Noise-sensitive community buildings eligible in this scheme are those with widespread use within the community, where people spend long periods of time, or where they are vulnerable – for example hospitals, schools, nursing homes, registered nurseries, libraries and community halls.

We have developed a community-led body which is responsible for making necessary decisions involved in administering this scheme. The noise mitigation can extend to window replacement, ventilation or any other activity related to provision of noise insulation. 

Full details are given in the Heathrow Community Buildings Noise Insulation Scheme booklet, which has been sent to all noise-sensitive community buildings in the affected area.

What do I need to do?

To see if your postcode may be eligible for this scheme you can search by using the postcode checker.

Further details about the Community Buildings Noise Insulation Scheme

Community Buildings Noise Insulation Scheme booklet (1.8MB PDF).




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