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Noise limits

Departure noise limits

Fixed noise monitors at the airport are located at approximately 6.5km from start-of-roll. This encourages aircraft operators to gain height and then reduce engine power and noise as soon as possible.

There are 12 fixed monitors around Heathrow. The location of the monitors takes account of the noise preferential routes and was decided in the early 1990s following consultation.

There are noise limits applied at these fixed noise monitors for departing aircraft.

These are:

Night quota period 11:30pm – 6am 87 dBA Lmax
Shoulder periods 11pm – 11:30pm,
6am – 7am
89 dBA Lmax
Daytime period 7am – 11pm 94 dBA Lmax

We fine airlines whose aircraft breach the noise limits. The money raised is donated to local community projects through the Noise Fines Fund.

Arrivals noise limits

There are no arrivals noise limits. In light of the findings of a report published in 1999, the then Aviation Minister decided against imposing operational noise limits for arriving aircraft. Heathrow was, however, involved in the production of the Arrivals Code of Practice. For more information, see our arrivals factsheet.

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