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Our noise strategy

We cannot take aircraft noise away and so it is inevitable that some noise will be experienced by people living in the vicinity of the airport or under flight paths.

However, we undertake to manage noise responsibly and reduce the impact of Heathrow's operations wherever possible.

It is for this reason that Heathrow takes the issue of noise very seriously, and why we have set the following long-term objective for the management of aircraft noise:

"To limit aircraft noise impacts and gain the trust of our stakeholders that we are using best practicable means to achieve this goal, and to continue this approach into the future, within the framework established by government."

Heathrow Airport sets noise targets each year and these are published in our annual corporate responsibility report together with performance information against key noise indicators.

In our approach to noise management we have set five key themes for our work programme over the next five years. These themes establish a framework for the airport’s Noise Action Plan and help inform our priorities. They are:

  1. Reducing noise impacts wherever practicable. This includes:
    1. Quietest fleet practicable
    2. Quietest practicable aircraft operations, balanced against NOx and CO2 emissions
    3. Effective and credible noise mitigation schemes.
  2. Engaging with communities affected by noise impacts to better understand their concerns and priorities, reflecting them as far as possible in airport noise strategies and communication plans.
  3. Influencing planning policy to minimise the number of noise-sensitive properties around our airports.
  4. Organising ourselves to continue to manage noise efficiently and effectively.
  5. Continuing to build on our understanding of aircraft noise to further inform our priorities, strategies and targets.

Heathrow Noise Action Plan

In accordance with the legal requirement, we have produced a draft Noise Action Plan, which sets out our proposals for the next five years in detail. Following adoption of the plan we propose to report annually on our progress against the action plan.

The adopted plan will also be reviewed every five years or whenever a major development takes place.

View the Heathrow Noise Action Plan

Our stakeholders

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Our stakeholders

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