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Heathrow Sustainability Partnership

With 320 companies employing 76,500 people, running Heathrow has similar challenges to a small city.  The actions and behaviours of all companies based at Heathrow determine the airports' ability to operate responsibly.

The Heathrow Sustainability Partnership is a group of companies representing all sectors at the airport, from airlines and ground handlers to construction companies and retailers, all working hard to improve Heathrow's sustainability performance.

Led by a Board made up of the Chief Executives of 13 companies operating at Heathrow, the Partnership shares challenges to achieve long term improvements by focussing on three main issues;

Transport: travel to and from the airport, operating vehicles within the airport and aircraft landing, taking-off and on the ground

Resources: energy use, waste generation and building design

People: employment and skills, local procurement, community investment.

This collaborative approach has helped us deliver practical solutions, such as the Pollution Prevention and Energy codes of practice, which specifically address shared challenges to Heathrow. You can download these here:

Pollution Prevention Code of Practice (2MB PDF)

Energy Code of Practice (6MB PDF)

We know we can't achieve sustainability overnight, but we can set out to make our performance tomorrow better than our performance today and we are already making changes.  Even small ideas can add up to make a big difference.  We are confident that we can achieve more together than we can individually.

If you would like to know more about the Heathrow Sustainability Partnership please contact sustainability@heathrow.com, or see our partnership booklet here.


Sustainability awards

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