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We participate in, as well as organise, various forums with a range of stakeholders where the issue of noise is discussed.

Air Noise Monitoring Advisory Committee (ANMAC)

The Air Noise Monitoring Advisory Committee was setup by the Government in the early 1990s to advise on the operation of the noise monitoring equipment which we had been required to install under the Civil Aviation Act 1982. Since then the committee has been used as an advisory body on various noise issues. Membership includes representatives from NATS, the Environmental Research and Consultancy Division(ERCD) of the CAA, the Scheduling Committees and their technical advice, Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick airports, and a representative and technical adviser from the Consultative Committees of the three airports. The committee is chaired by the head of the Environment Division at the DfT.

Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee (HACC)

The HACC is an independent committee which includes representatives of airport users, local authorities and other bodies concerned with the locality. Heathrow meets a statutory obligation by consulting with the committee. The HACC meets six times a year and is a public forum.

Noise and Track Keeping Working Group (NTKWG)

The NTKWG is a group set up by Heathrow comprising local community representatives, air traffic control and airport personnel. It is active on noise and track-keeping and other environmental issues and reports on these to the HACC.

Flight Operations Performance Committee (FLOPC)

FLOPC is an internal committee of Heathrow. Its membership comprises pilots, NATS and Heathrow's Airside Operations team. It reviews noise, track and CDA performance, shares best practice and also advises on noise abatement procedures.  A report from the FLOPC is presented at each NTKWG.

Local Focus Forum (LFF)

The LFF was set up to keep residents up to date with progress with Terminal 5.  It represents residents’ associations and councillors closest to the airport. With Terminal 5 now complete, the forum has continued and is now an opportunity to share information about pending developments and operational impacts that might affect the local area.

Flight Evaluation Unit (FEU)

Heathrow monitors compliance with the various noise control measures and handles noise queries and complaints through its Flight Evaluation Unit (FEU).  The FEU responds to all queries/complaints and reports on complaints to DfT and the Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee (HACC) on which local people are represented by both local authorities and noise groups.

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