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Prayer and Worship

Airport chaplains

Heathrow has Christian Chaplains from Anglican, Catholic, and Free Church denominations, and faith representatives from the Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and Sikh faiths. All may be contacted by calling +44 (0)20 8745 4261, or by email at chapel@heathrow.com.

Lead Chaplaincy contacts

  • Anglican: The Revd George Pinnell
  • Buddhist: Mr Robert MacPhail (mob: 07917 406464)
  • Roman Catholic: Fr Jude Ugochukwu Ifeorah SMMM (mob: 07448 050951)
  • Free Churches Group: The Revd John Mackerness (mob: 07899 943447)
  • Jewish: Rabbi Hershi Vogel (mob: 07970 829758)
  • Muslim: Mr Asgar Halim Rajput (mob: 07931 552152)
  • Sikh: Mr Devraj Singh Khalsa (mob: 07957 150401)

St George's Chapel

The airport has a Christian interdenominational chapel, St George's. 

Located at Inner Ring West, Heathrow Airport, Hounslow TW6 1BP (between Terminals 1 and 3 and close to the central bus station).

The Chapel is located below ground level and can be reached via stairs. It is usually open from 07:00 - 19:00.


Easter services at Heathrow

All services are in the central chapel unless otherwise shown.

17 April - Maundy Thursday:

  • 18:00: Mass of the Lord's Supper

18 April - Good Friday:

  • 08:00: Service - Terminal 5 landside prayer room
  • 09:00: Service - Terminal 5 airside prayer room.
  • 12:30: Stations of the Cross - an ecumenical celebration. Sacrament of Reconciliation / Confession after Stations of the Cross available on request.
  • 15:00: The Celebration of the Passion of the Lord with Holy Communion

19 April - Holy Saturday:

  • 19:30: The Easter Vigil in the Holy Night. The First Mass of Easter

20 April - Easter Sunday

  • 08:00: Service - Terminal 5 landside prayer room
  • 09:00: Service - Terminal 5 airside prayer room
  • 10:00: Service - Terminal 1 airside prayer room
  • 10:00: Mass - Terminal 4 landside prayer room
  • 11:00: Service - Terminal 3 airside prayer room
  • 12:00: Service - Terminal 3 landside prayer room
  • 13:00: The Mass of the Resurrection

Everyone is welcome to attend any of the services.

The Christian Chaplains wish all passengers and staff a very happy and a holy Easter.

Anglican and Free Church

Services by arrangement.

Roman Catholic Mass (in the Chapel of St George)

Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

12:30: Roman Catholic Mass.


12:30: Roman Catholic Liturgy of the Word with Holy Communion.


19:00: Liturgy of the Word with Holy Communion followed by Healing Prayer and a Holy Hour with Benediction.   

Prayer rooms in the terminals

Prayer rooms for all faiths are available in the terminals.

Contact us

Telephone and fax +44 (0)20 8745 4261. Email chapel@heathrow.com.

Multi-faith prayer rooms

In addition to the Chapel of St George, Heathrow Airport provides Prayer Rooms to enable people of all Faiths to find a quiet retreat for prayer and meditation in each of the Terminals. Each prayer room is open all day and has relevant literature and resources for worship and reflection.

Terminal 1

After Security through the departures lounge following signs for Gate 31 and adjacent to the airline desks.

Terminal 2

Prayer Rooms are planned for the new Terminal 2 and will be located in the main Terminal (A) and each of the satellite buildings of the Terminal (B and C).

Terminal 3

In the Arrivals building, on the first floor. There is also a Prayer Room after Security, this is situated near the airline desks—follow signs for ’A’ Lounges. This prayer room is accessed by lift or the stairs.

Terminal 4

Departures, Zone G and also after Security near Gate 3.

Terminal 5

In Departure Zone A. Also after Security in the main building (T5A) near Gate A7 and in the satellite buildings T5B near Gate 36B and T5C near Gate C56. 

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The Heathrow Airport Chaplaincy

The Heathrow Airport Chaplaincy is an integrated presence in the daily operations of the airport.  Taking an all embracing, holistic view of a multifaceted industry, chaplains are available to people of all faiths and none regardless of whether they are a passenger, a worker or just a visitor to the airport.

Our core hours are from 0800 to 1500 Monday to Friday and we provide a 24/7 on call service for emergencies.  The chaplaincy's activities are directed towards establishing long-term relationships with those employed at the airport, and supporting the travelling and transient public.  The chaplains work is all areas of the airport - public, commercial and technical.

Developing from the RAF Chaplains of the Second World War, Chaplaincy has remained an active presence at the airport for seventy years.  Independent of the business community but supportive of the business of the airport and the Employee Assistance programmes, the chaplains contribute to the safe, secure, smooth and profitable operation of the airport and thus to the overall passenger experience.

Our mission statement

The Heathrow Airport Chaplaincy aims to steady the soul /spirit of passengers, staff and visitors of all faiths and none in order to contribute to the safe, secure, smooth and profitable operation of the airport and thus improve the passenger experience.

We achieve this by:

  • being a non-anxious presence in stressful times
  • being a listening ear in times of joy and sorrow
  • working alongside Heathrow Travel Care and other airport staff in the provision of humanitarian assistance
  • providing opportunities for worship, prayer, meditation and reflection
  • encouraging people to move beyond the limitations of their circumstances and embrace intentional behaviour
  • encouraging social cohesion
  • providing a 24/7 on call service for emergencies
  • playing our part in meeting the physiological, psychological, psycho-social and spiritual needs of staff . Thus we help address the issues raised in section 2.6.14 of the ICAO Safety Management Manual (2009). This section talks about the impact that people can have on the other three aspects of safety management namely software, hardware and the environment.
  • engaging with other Airport Chaplains and appropriate training institutions both nationally and internationally in order to identify and share best practice.

In short we offer kindness, concern, and tenderness with tears that complements the professional competencies of other agencies, and so offer an additional aspect to the support framework provided by Heathrow, the airline operators and the other airport companies.

Our vision

The current team consists of approximately 7 full time equivalent chaplains from six different world faiths. None of the chaplains are funded by Heathrow.

So our vision is to:

  • see the chaplaincy grow to meet the needs of the airport
  • remain integrated into the life of the airport
  • remain recognised as contributing to the safe, secure, smooth and profitable operation of the airport and thus improve the passenger experience.

Core values

Each faith community and each chaplain will have their own core values but there are some values that are shared by the whole chaplaincy.

We hold to:

  • A high respect for all people, their beliefs and culture
  • Kindness in all things
  • Honesty in all things
  • Continual spiritual growth among ourselves and others
  • A desire to serve this airport community.

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