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Special events at Heathrow

Caffè Nero - home of live music:
May events

Caffè Nero in Terminal 2 Arrivals will be home to exciting live music on various dates throughout May. Come along and enjoy some good food and be entertained at the same time. Unless otherwise stated, all performances start at 10.30am.

Jain Wells

Jain Wells - 30 May - 13:00

Jain is also a singer-songwriter, in the pop genre, and uses music to communicate her ideas. Her first album, To Be Real, was released in Nov, 2012 and she has since released six new singles and one dance remix in the last year – moving towards the completion of her second album.

“I enjoy writing music and find it is an exciting medium to express my thoughts – which are often times related to themes around my personal development work with others and from my own experience: duality and polarity in life, energy awareness, love and pain, and growth,” says Jain


Meet Mark Vanhoenacker author of 'Skyfaring'

Friday 5 June 14:30 - 15:30 at WhSmith Terminal 5, Lower Level opposite Thomas Pink

"A description of what it's like to fly by commercial pilot who is also a master prose stylist and a deeply sensitive human being. This is a man who is at once a technical expert - he flies 747s across continents - and a poet of the skies" Alain de Botton.





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